150 Club

Over the years the Bohemian Association has collected a lot of books, family trees, files of family information, news paper clippings, photo’s, Tracht (costumes) and musical instruments. All of which are currently stored in Christine Krippner’s home (Previous Editor of the Homeland News).

We are thinking of purchasing a mobile cabin or caravan.
If 150 people donate $150 each, we can afford a small building, to be at a current committee members home.

What do we get for our membership of the 150 Club?
You get our eternal thanks and one year’s free subscription to the Homeland News.
We are going to raise some money. This is your opportunity to be part of the 150 club and have your name on a plaque, in memory of your ancestors, or whose name you choose.



1) Ron Hendl (very first member!) 1938-2017
2) Jim and Teresa Krippner
3) James and Jani Krippner
4) Margaret and Vince Layton (Krippner)
5) Dave and Karen Camp (Krippner)
6) Mary Sittauer
7) Jenny Schollum
8) John B. Turnwald
9) John and Bev Turnwald (Ohaupo)
10) Christine and Tom Krippner
11) Te Rehia Papesch
12) Len and Margaret Krippner
13) Phil and Bernadette Winter (Krippner)
14) Ross Krippner  (Australia)
15) Franz and Jeanette Krippner
16) Helen and Greg Moverley (Krippner)
17) Sheryll and Brian Titford
18) Biddy Orr (Karl)
19) Vincent Bidwell (Turnwald)
20) Elizabeth Amoore (Turnwald)
21) Puhoi Historical Society
22) Lorraine Anson
23) Gregory Wenzlick 1952-2014
24) Sharon Becht (Krippner)
25) Dianne Barnes (Schollum)
26) Patrick and Kirsty Krippner
27) Phyllis O’Brien (Multrus) 1917-2014
28) Alma Schischka (1924-2017)
29) Glennys and Grant Adams ( Schischka/Schollum)
30) Maureen McMonagle (Karl/Krippner) 1934-2017
31) Daune Agnew (Wenzlick)
32) Jenny Parish (Schollum)
33) Doreen Jillings (Wenzlick)
34) Miriam Sarginson (Wenzlick)
35) Roeslla Babnik (Wenzlick)
36 Bart and Jeanette Wech
37) David O’Brien (Multrus)
38) Brian and Bev Wenzlick
39) Maree Schollum
40) Pauline Hickey (Krippner)
41) Leslie Haslip (Wenzlick)
42) Ray and Shellie Krippner
43) Maureen (Schischka) Farrell
44) Noel and Colleen Wech

Thanks for your support! we have gained 2 more members this year (2018)
and still have our  3 pledges from our young folk….

William Titford
Megan Becht
Isaac Camp



3 Responses to 150 Club

  1. Elaine Anderson says:

    I am a descendent of Anna Turnwald and would like to contribute. Please give me bank details so I can transfer the $150. My daughter Ruth is visiting Prague in December – can anyone tell me where Anna or Lorenz were born as she would love to visit. Elaine Anderson

    • adrian anderson says:

      Hi Elaine, I read with interest you are descendant of Anna Turnwall and my name is Adrian Anderson a descendant of Wenzlick. I have been doing some research on the land allocation and have a copy of a map which may be of interest to you. It shows the original 1863 lots allocated with Anna Turnwall listed.

  2. Please email me at bohemian.assocation@hotmail.com for our bank details. I can ask my mother where Anna Turnwald lived for you.

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