I have recently been contacted by a Christoph Schuster from Germany, who is VERY keen to fill in his family tree. The oldest ancestor he has recorded of his family is Matt Schuster, born around 1630. He notes that in 1791, Ursula Schuster married Michael Krippner.
They h
ad 7 children,  4 of which died at infancy.
The three surviving siblings were Johann, Katharina and Wenzl.

Christoph descends from Ursula’s brother, Martin.
We connected our trees, as I descend from Ursula’s son, Johann (father to Michael and Capt Martin Krippner). If you recall Benedict Remiger travelling to NZ at age 12 in 1863 –  Katharina was his Grandmother.

An exciting internet connection… I have now met a new family member and extended my own tree. I can see how people can get hooked. 🙂  A call out to all Schusters, Christoph is keen to connect with Schuster relations, even ones who travelled to Australia and USA.
Please leave a post if you would like to make contact.

Christoph’s great-great grandfather.

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  1. Christoph Schuster says:

    This Photo is Alois Schuster, he was Born 1869 in Staab and he died 1956 in Hausen by Aschaffenburg

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