Puhoi celebrates the feasts of St peter and St Paul and is held the closest Sunday to the date  of June 29th – being the original date of the first landing in Puhoi in 1863.

Puhoi comes alive during this weekend, when the parish and community celebrate the anniversary of the village’s foundation. Celebrations begin with famous ‘last Friday of the month’ Bohemian band music, at the pub in the afternoon and evening. 

Saturday evening, you have an opportunity to attend  the old time dance in the Puhoi Hall for an entrance fee and a plate and BYO drinks. Starts around 8pm and can go to around midnight.  Dances include, Maxina, 3 step, Military 2 step, Barn Dance, Pride of Erin  etc..  as well as  the usual waltz, foxtrot and quicksteps.
You will need to check if this is being held.

Sunday begins with 11:am Mass in Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church, dedicated and blessed in 1881, followed by a thanksgiving and laying of a wreath at the rock commemorating the pioneers’ mid winter landing on the riverbank. The sight of their new home – just a clearing in heavy forest and with two large Nikau Wh19753_292066202972_2872643_nare – later prompted one of the pioneers to tell her grandchildren:
If I could have walked o
n the water that night I would have walked straight back home again
Visitors should bring a plate for a shared lunch in the hall, where the rest of the afternoon will be spent in Bohemian dance, music and dialect, similar to Bavarian, still spoken by a handful of o
ur Elders.

Bohemian Association AGM – Held in February. Date to be confirmed


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  1. Natalie Churchward says:

    Hello Iam a descendant of John Wech, Iam so rxcited and have just discovered a few interesting websites. Will you be having commemorations this year for the Feasts of St Peter and St Paul? If so do I have to register my interest, ans do you have confirm d dates for this, thankyou Natalie Churchward

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