trachtBack in the homeland of Bohemia, Egerland, we have discovered that our people had worn a traditional costume called “tracht”. The area of Egerland was divided into 9 parts, each having their own individual tracht for the woman. The mans tracht looks similar throughout the areas apart from the area of Chotieschauer, not to say there aren’t more its just we don’t have any knowledge of them. This information we have learnt since early 1980’s, when a contact was made with fellow Egerlander’s now living in Germany (since being expelled from the Egerland in 1945). This saw a number of us making the trek back to the homeland to visit the places which our forefathers had left from, this was an amazing time for us, from this time a wonderful relationship has grown between our contacts / friends / extended family.boys

They have provided us with some tracht and knowledge and materials to make our own, they have shown us so much more to our culture. In the Ohaupo descendants  we have had up to 51 people dressed in tracht.

Our people came from the lower part of Bohemia, in the Chotieschauer area, now looking back at some of the old photos we have found evidence of our people wearing the Chotieschauer Tracht in the

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