A few dances have survived, maybe due to the fact they were fun. They are still danced now at our gatherings.Karen&DaveWeb4

Finger Polka – children’s dance
Sprat Polka
Prince of Wales Schottisch
– Umadum

There were other dances such as the Reichstachel, and the Haar Michl – (Michael the haymaker) these have been forgotten in recent times. I thought  all the above dances were unique to us and had not come across anything similar until I met with an Accordion enthusiast in June 2001, in Toowoomba- Australia, who showed me variations of the dance and music to the Sprat Polka and Prince of Wales Schottisch,. Which does now leave us with a few questions I am keen to find answers to.

In 1984 a strong connection was made when a group of of Egerlanders (now living in Germany) visited NZ, This was an exciting time for them and us to learn of each other and exchange similar cultures. Since then they have shown us the huge amount of culture they have retained. They hold yearly competitions to keep the culture alive. Since 1985 and our experience of actually joining in on one of their  competitions, we learned, enthusiastically, some of dances to perform here in New Zealand. img12


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