Our people came out with the Egerland dialect of Bohemia, and it remained and passed on through the generations, sadly fewer, still speak it now. Recordings have been made to preserve what little we could and some of the music did have lyrics. 

Songs and rhymes in Egerlander dialect, still sung and spoken in Puhoi:

1) Polka
Moidal rupf di, Moidal zupf, k
ämm di schäi

am Somsta wern auf d’ heit gen
liachs’ kleine Schaichle und Schtrimpfe ‘umme an
das mir recht schein dontzen kuen.

(Moidal = Mädl, Kemm = Kämm, Schaichl = Schuhe, Kuen = können)

Girl, comb and plait your hair
and make yourself look beautiful
On Saturday we’re going courting.
Put on your little shoes and stockings
so that we can dance well together

2) Polka
Oh du schäina Summa blouma

håst du mir ma Freid wegnumma
liegst du mir in Scähinen drin
wöi döi jud in Saistull drin

Oh you beautiful summer flowers
you’ve taken away all my joy
you’ve cast me down in the dust
like the jew in the pigsty

3) Polka
Wea heit mei Mutter mei hosen nit gflickt

so r ich gonge im Hemd
so wär ich gonge inn Fremd

(gonge = gegangen)

If my mother hadn’t patched my trousers
I would have gone in my shirt
I would have gone to strange lands..
(so keen I was to go courting)

Håns geh Huom, Håns geh Huom

weiss döi’s niat wöi’s Wiera wird
Hans geh Huom.
Kann sie renga, Kann sie schneira
Morgn fräih tut’s da reia
Håns geh Huom, Håns blei dou.

(wiera = wetter, huom = heim)

Johnny go home, Johnny go home
you don’t know what the weather is going to be like
Johnny go home
it could rain, it could snow
you’ll regret it early tomorrow morning
Johnny go home, Johnny stay there.

Boira h
äng da Bummel ua
dös der mi niat stoß‘n kua
Stoßt der mi, so straf I’ di,
Hunnert Tåler kostet’s di

Farmer, tie up your steer
so that he can’t get me
If he gets me, I’ll punish you
It will cost you a hundred dollars
A hundred dollars is a lot of money.

Wiewadl, wawadl, was is das?

Hinter the Häi dort’n grabbett was
Is kein Hirsch und is kein Haas
Wiewadl, Wawadl, was is das?

Little woman, little woman, what is it?
something scrabbling behind the wall
Little woman, little woman, what is it?


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