Our history and music has been well documented on video, film and tape and in dozens of articles and books, many held in the local historical society’s museum and archives room, which also contains extensive material to help family tree researchers

The following family names are all on the various shipping lists, although some who took up land did not stay long in the areas but went to other parts in New Zealand.

Some of the names include: 

Bayer, Becher, Berger
Dabner, Dahlberg
Fitzthum, Flachs, Fritsch
Glatz, Gleye, Graf, Gruber
Heidler, Hendl
Jerdlitschka, Jensensky
Kaes, Karl, Kreim, Krippner, Krohn
Pankratz, Papesch, Paul, Pither, Plescher, Podlesak
Rauch, Rauner, Reisima, Remiger, Russek
Schedewy, Scheidler, Schischka, Schober, Schollum, Schott, Schmidt, Schuster, Sitlauer, Soukup, Stiller, Straka
Tolhopf, Turnwald
Wech, Wenzlick



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  1. Trish Fagan says:

    looking for the family of Anna Wech

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