Music was, and is still is  a very important part of the Bohemian culture and the hub of their social gatherings. The main instruments played are the Dudelsack, Violin and the Button Accordion. The first two instruments came out with the settlers on the ships, the button accordion may have been picked up here in New Zealand; there is still research to be done in that area.

Music has been passed down the generations mostly by ear although a manuscript book hand written from Charlie Becher had been kept and has been circulating among a few of the interested, Charlie was known to compose a few tunes of his own for the button accordion.

Puhoi always had a lot of fine players and made plenty of good toe tapping music. Through the annual celebrations in Puhoi and early recordings of the band, Ohaupo musicians were keen to follow on with the traditional sounds. Button_Band.3

The button accordion was played on one row only and I suspect that a lot of tunes may have been adapted to suit this style. Question is,  which tunes exactly did the settlers bring out with them?

To date, we are continuing the great tradition of the Bohemian music, we have in the Ohaupo area, a great number of people taking up the button accordion.

New Music CD recorded June 2014  –  Te Rore Bohemian Band  $25 plus postage


New Music CD recorded June 2014 – Te Rore Bohemian Band
$25 plus postage

There are also two tape cassettes available to purchase of the Puhoi Band available through the Puhoi Historical Society.

“Die Booe Musikgruppe” – Bohemian Music from Puhoi
“Accordions of Puhoi”


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